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Donna Bowman | 08/27/14

Be sure your sump pump is running at all times to prevent water from getting into your basement. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is harmful to humans and their pets.

Chika Barnhizer | 08/25/14

Most of the time you don't need to replace your concrete floor to put in a baseboard waterproofing system.

Fran Abair | 08/24/14

Don't take chances with the health of your family.

Jackie Schauer | 08/22/14

Testing a sump pump when you don't need it is a good idea.

Don Fackler | 08/20/14

Never ignore a buckling basement wall or you will be sorry. We can do drain tile repair if yours is cracked.

Harry Cohn | 08/20/14

We can show you how to bring more light into your basement with the egress window system.

Cynthia Baker | 08/20/14

Be sure you have a backup for your sump pump.

Barbara Kogut | 08/18/14

Turn your dark basement into an inviting space when we install the egress window system for you.

Alex Talbott | 08/16/14

Rain and snow over the years can make a basement wall look like it's melting.

Brenda Dubeck | 08/15/14

Be sure the pump you buy has a good warranty.

Antonia Mullen | 08/13/14

If you've ever lived through a snow storm, you know how much water can end up in your basement when the snow melts.

Betty Barnette | 08/11/14

Special edging is installed along the outside basement wall to stop water from coming into your home. Buy the best quality battery backup you afford to be safe in all seasons.

Donna Delong | 08/10/14

If you have water coming through the cracks in your basement, you need our help. We can install an emergency backup for your sump so that it works even when the power is out.

Carol Creamer | 08/08/14

Let us test for radon in your basement.

Irina Brandler | 08/06/14

If you live in a flood zone you should have a high water alarm system. Not only can we install pumps in the summer, but we can install them in the winter as well.

Jackie Hyde | 08/05/14

Be sure you use our experienced staff to correct bowing walls in your basement. Whether you have old stone walls or poured walls, the baseboard system can be used to help prevent seepage.

Craig Buell | 08/04/14

If you have basement windows, you know how much garbage can collect in the window wells.

Frank Dokter | 08/03/14

Don't think buckling basement walls are something you can ignore.

Debbie Skoda | 08/01/14

If you see signs of your basement wall caving in, call us immediately. Protecting your family from mold is very important.

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Basement Water St Cloud