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Becky Boyer | 10/29/14

Rain and snow over the years can make a basement wall look like it's melting.

Beth Gardner | 10/28/14

We can do foundation wall repair and fix a bowed basement wall.

Cynthia Robertson | 10/28/14

Turn your dark basement into an inviting space when we install the egress window system for you. If you see cement block that's been pushed into your room, you know you have a water problem.

Anna Barile | 10/26/14

Turn on your pump with several buckets of water in the pit and make sure it pumps the water out. Special edging is installed along the outside basement wall to stop water from coming into your home.

Eugenia Haynes | 10/25/14

A sump pump in your basement will remove any water so it doesn't come into your basement.

Erin Lawson | 10/25/14

You will increase the value of your home when you put egress window systems on your basement windows.

David Christensen | 10/24/14

You may not know that there is a baseboard you can put in your basement that will help you keep the water out.

Barbara Wilson | 10/23/14

Make sure your backup pump is working in case you have a surprise flood or snow storm.

Florence Langbaum | 10/21/14

We can find out if you have safe levels of radon in your basement.

Dana Vanhout | 10/21/14

Let us test for radon in your basement.

Heidi Ahearne | 10/20/14

We can show you how to bring more light into your basement with the egress window system. You will be amazed at how nice the baseboard waterproofing system will look in your basement.

Cari Mahoney | 10/18/14

You can learn about sump pumps online at our website.

Adair Borba | 10/18/14

Bowing wall repair is important, especially if you live in a flood zone.

Alicia Markowitz | 10/18/14

We have a hold right anchor system that can hold and even straighten buckling basement walls. If you ignore a buckling basement wall, you could end up with part of your house sinking.

Angela Taliaferro | 10/16/14

Never get caught with water in your basement because your sump pump isn't working.

Cynthia Fisher | 10/16/14

Our proven wall anchor system has been used for more than seventy years to keep highline poles standing straight.

Fred Pafford | 10/14/14

Don't take chances with the health of your family.

Hubbard Family | 10/13/14

Don't think buckling basement walls are something you can ignore. If you need a new pump to keep out the water, give us a call.

Carla Caisse | 10/13/14

Egress windows can create a safe living space in your basement. Proper pump installation is critical to a good working system.

Diane Colt | 10/12/14

A damp basement may mean you have a leak somewhere.

Diana Cooper | 10/12/14

Be sure the pump you buy has a good warranty.

Art Heath | 10/11/14

If you don't have a sump pump in your home, we can install one for you.

Gerry Currer | 10/11/14

Running your pump once a month is a good preventative measure.

Barbara Hook | 10/09/14

Caving walls can be the start of a big problem.

Barbara Mcmath | 10/09/14

If you live in a flood zone you should have a high water alarm system. If you have buckling walls in your basement, call on our experts for help.

Elnora Hawley | 10/07/14

If you've ever lived through a snow storm, you know how much water can end up in your basement when the snow melts.

Georgia Robinson | 10/07/14

Your sump should work even if the electricity is out.

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Basement Water St Cloud