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Gregg Alexander | 07/28/14

The last thing you want is a flooded basement that could have been easily prevented.

Barbara Frahm | 07/26/14

Not only can we install pumps in the summer, but we can install them in the winter as well.

Barbara Sutherland | 07/24/14

We can do drain tile repair if yours is cracked. Turn your dark basement into an inviting space when we install the egress window system for you.

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Barbara Grajewski | 07/24/14

A French drain will relieve hydrostatic pressure so that water doesn't push through the cement block wall.

Cynthia Wells | 07/23/14

Never ignore a buckling basement wall or you will be sorry.

Cynthia Payne | 07/22/14

Having a dry basement is important to the health of your family. Before you buy an older home, be sure you have the basement inspected thoroughly for leaks.

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Brian Breiling | 07/22/14

A damp basement may mean you have a leak somewhere.

Irina Brandler | 07/21/14

If you have water coming through the cracks in your basement, you need our help.

Beth Martens | 07/19/14

You may have radon coming in through cracks around your pipes.

Cindy Bruce | 07/19/14

If you live in a flood zone you should have a high water alarm system.

Fred Baker | 07/19/14

Flood repair in a basement is more than just sucking out the water.

Alisa Broizman | 07/18/14

We can show you how to bring more light into your basement with the egress window system.

Belinda Bradley | 07/17/14

Bowing wall repair is important, especially if you live in a flood zone.

Diane Carrick | 07/16/14

New technology means you don't need to dig up your entire yard to fix a basement leak. Caving walls can be the start of a big problem.

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Amy Graunke | 07/14/14

Egress windows can create a safe living space in your basement.

Barbara Sahl | 07/12/14

We can fix just about any basement water problem, no matter how bad it is.

Cal Wicker | 07/11/14

Be sure your sump pump is running at all times to prevent water from getting into your basement.

Barbara Grech | 07/10/14

We use contractors that have the experience to do a proper pump installation.

Andrea Hicken | 07/08/14

We use a hollow vinyl baseboard that is 5 inches tall and prevents water from getting into your basement.

Bob Gray | 07/07/14

Let us test for radon in your basement.

Ana Blackwelder | 07/05/14

Rain and snow over the years can make a basement wall look like it's melting. We can do foundation wall repair and fix a bowed basement wall.

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Amy Packard | 07/04/14

Taking care of buckling walls before they cave in is a good plan of attack. There are waterproofing companies that don't warranty their work, so be careful.

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Gina Farinelli | 07/02/14

You can learn about sump pumps online at our website. Save money by fixing bowed walls at the first sign of trouble.

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Basement Water St Cloud